The Jackal Difference

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The Jackal Difference

Jackal Fencing has been a trusted manufacturer of superior quality fencing for over 10 years now. One of the many reasons for this is that our product is superior for Australian conditions. It has been tried, tested and measured right here in Australia.

We manufacture to above Industry minimum standards, so you can rest assured your fence will stand the test of time. It’s important to us that you will be just as delighted with your new Jackal fence many years from now.

Here’s just a few examples of why it pays to think Jackal Fencing when considering your investment;

  • We use high grade aluminium and Australian steel because it’s important to us that we can trust the quality of the raw material that goes into your new fence.
  • All black metal used in the manufacture of your product is zinc plated to ensure superior adhesion of the powder coated finish.
  • The extra time and attention to detail it takes to extensively pre-treat your fence like we do is crucial to the durability and quality of the final look of your product. This is one of the many reasons we can proudly stand behind the superior quality of our product and know that you will be delighted for years to come.
  • Our panels and gates have been approved by NATA and salt spray tested for corrosion resistance.
  • We are proud to be locals employing skilled tradesman and using advanced manufacturing techniques to weld, bend, punch, pre-treat, powder coat, wrap and dispatch our fences. We thrive on taking bulk raw material and creating practical and innovative fencing solutions for our customers.
  • Small or Large, custom or standard, we have capabilities to service your needs efficiently and with the most flexible lead times in our industry.