FAQ – Woodgrain Slats

FAQ – Woodgrain Slats 2018-07-24T05:28:43+00:00
You can put any size post with your Aluminium Western Red Cedar look slats, but we personally think 65×65 posts or larger complement the look of you Woodgrain slat fencing, but again its personal taste.
No. These Slats have a special coating on them that gives the look and texture of a timber slat. We do not supply matching posts for this product. The use of contrasting powder coated posts creates a great look though. Check out our range of premium powder coat colours.
We supply three standard spacings, 10ml, 16ml or 30ml. Spacings can be adjusted at your discretion upon assembly.
No we are a fencing manufacturer. Download our helpful DIY Woodgrain Slats Installation Guide or contact our friendly sales staff who can recommend an experienced fencing contractor in your area.