Aluminium pickets have a square edge which gives an authentic timber picket look, whilst steel pickets have a rounded edge. There are 3 different picket head options for Aluminium pickets and six for steel pickets. There is no cost variance between Steel or Aluminium pickets so it really just comes down to your personal style and taste.
You can put any size post with your pickets, but we think aesthetically 65×65 or larger posts work best as they match the width of the picket face, but again its personal taste.
Yes! You can choose to contrast the colour of your panels, posts and plinth if you decide to include one.
Yes you can. As this would require additional labour additional costs may apply.
As the quality of your finished product is important to us we only use premium quality powder coat colours. Choose from our large range of premium powder coat colours to complete the look and feel of your home.
No we are a fencing manufacturer. Download our helpful DIY Aluminium Pickets Installation Guide or contact our friendly sales staff who can recommend an experienced fencing contractor in your area.
You have 2 options. And it all comes down to personal taste!

Option 1; step your fence panels with the fall of the land

Option2; we can manufacture your gates and fence panels to follow the fall of your land. Download our Raked Panel Guide to help with your measurements.

You most certainly can, just let us know where you would like it placed and we can do the rest.